3D Cutting

Automatic and continuous 3D laser cutting of long structural materials High-precision cutting of complex features.

To meet demands for faster cutting speed and ability to cut larger diameters, the FABRI GEAR Mk II has been developed, utilising the extensive experience of Mazak who are leaders in the manufacture of multi tasking 5 axis Laser Cutting technology . The FABRI GEAR 400 II features increased speed with a larger work piece diameter capacity.

  • Reduced running cost, thanks to the new laser oscillator.
  • Ergonomic design for outstanding ease of operation.
  • Designed with environmental considerations.
  • Unsurpassed 3D laser cutting of long round / square / rectangular pipe, as well as H, I and L beams.
  • Just load long material in the loading station, and 3D cutting is performed automatically as well as transfer of finished parts to the unloading station.
  • Complete all cutting processes from 3D cutting to tapping in just one machine when equipped with the optional tapping unit.

Machine Specifications

4.0 kW Laser Values
Material Shape Round, square and other pipe shapes. Structual material.
Material Mild steel / Stainless steel
Material length range Minimum 3,450 mm
Maximum 8,000 mm
Maximum material diameter Round pipe 20 – 406 mm
Square pipe 20 – 300 mm
Workpiece Maximum weight / piece 480 kg
Chuck center Height 1,100 mm
Stroke X Chuck left / right 8,750 mm
U Chuck left / right 9,300 mm
V Chuck left / right 2,515 mm
Y Head back / forth 1,270 mm
Z Head up / down 370 mm
A Head rotation ±99999.999°
B Head swing ±135°
Maximum traverse rate X, U, V 30 m/min
Y 24 m/min
Z 24 m/min
A, B 9,600 °/min
C 6,000 °/min
Machine Weight 36,500 kg
Electrical requirement 83.0 kVA
Sound Less than 80 db

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